In addition to conducting research at the highest level within the dental area, the Department of Dentistry at Health, Aarhus University, educates and provides further education for dentists.

The Department of Dentistry has ten sections specialising in their own field of dentistry.

At our website, you can find information about the specialised sections, the department’s staff, study programmes and research activities.


The Department of Dentistry has 24 full-time equivalent academic staff members and 17 PhD students. With a total of 157 dental chairs, the clinics treat approx. 50,000 patients a year (3,000 patient records and 3,600 dental bills annually). The clinics have 72 technical and administrative staff members, and the clinical instruction is handled by 77 part-time dentists (14 full-time equivalents), in addition to the lessons taught by full-time academic staff members. The Department of Dentistry has a total staffing of 242 full-time equivalents (305 persons).


In 2012, the department's permanent academic staff members produced 127 research publications (5.3 per full-time equivalent), 95 of which were peer-reviewed (4 per full-time equivalent). Thirteen staff members hold a doctoral degree.

Talent development

The Department of Dentistry boasts a very active academic environment with national and international PhD student and visiting researchers from many countries.

Knowledge exchange

The staff members act as instructors in, e.g., further education courses organised by dental associations and professional societies, and the latest statement in 2009 showed that the permanent academic staff members were members of 140 councils, boards and committees and were editors of six textbooks in English.


The Department of Dentistry has an annual intake of 72 odontology students and 5 orthodontics students on further education courses. Of the odontology students enrolled, 71% (average 2006–2009) complete their studies within the prescribed study period plus one year, with 8% taking more time to complete their studies.