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Mariann Andersen



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Programme 2017 - rev. 1




To provide the qualified dentist with a basic foundation in orthodontics. In contrast to many 2 or 3 days courses aiming at one particular topic, this course provides a broad insight into both the theoretical and the clinical aspects of orthodontics. The programme provides an excellent background for advanced education and a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations in clinical practice to the professionals who have been working with orthodontics.

This course is especially directed to the dentist who wishes to apply for a residency programme in orthodontics and wishes a thorough background in the subject.


Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to provide state-of-the-art information on orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and therapy.

The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part on typodonts, which provides an outstanding background for contemporary clinical orthodontics.

The education consists of lectures on a wide range of topics, exercises related to treatment planning and cephalometrics and different types of typodont courses, including basic edgewise technique, segmented arch technique, straight wire technique and lingual orthodontics.

 The participants do not treat patients, but can actively observe the clinical activities of the department and the application of the theoretical principles acquired during the course.

Frequently, the participants will have the chance to visit the postgraduate clinic, where postgraduate residents do a 3-year course leading to a certificate in orthodontics and a MSc degree. Participation to the morning seminars of the postgraduate residents is not mandatory but highly recommended.

During the course, some extramural activities such as a weekend excursion, and evening sessions with the Danish Orthodontic Society (DORS) will be arranged.

Course Dates

September 11th- November 24th, 2017 plus one optional week from November  27th,  to December 1st, where participants can intensively attend the activities at the postgraduate clinic and study at the Library. 

The International Short-Term Course in Orthodontics extends over a period of 11 academic mandatory weeks (with a break of 1 week in between) and 1 optional week.



Admission to the course requires a dental degree from a recognized institution and good knowledge of English language. The number of positions available is limited to 10. The small number of participants allows to optimize the teaching activities and the adaptation of the course to the participants' specific needs.

Students who are accepted at the Short-Term Course will be offered to buy the book "Biomechanics in Orthodontics" by Professor Birte Melsen and Dr  Giorgio Fiorelli at a special price with a 10% discount. To make the teaching more efficient it is essential that the students have read the first three chapters of the book BEFORE the course starts.

Deadline and Application Form

The application deadline is June 1st 2017. Participants who are accepted for the course will be informed before June 9th 2017.

Please download the application form here (Word format).



Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is EUR 11,500.

The tuition fee includes teaching materials. The participants will receive a syllabus for the typodont course and a compendium on the literature review of the topics discussed in the lectures. The book Biomechanics in Orthodontics by Professor Birte Melsen and Dr. Giorgio Fiorelli, which can be purchases via  (with a 10% discount) is the main material for the teaching of biomechanics.

In order to be enrolled for the course payment of 50% of the Tuition Fee (EUR 5,750) has to be performed by June 30th. This quote is not refundable in case of cancellation. The payment of the tuition fee has to be completed by July 31st. Should a cancellation be needed a mail with a request has to be sent as soon as possible, both to Mr. Cattaneo - course coordinator and to Mrs. Andersen-course secretary.




The lectures and seminars are given in English.



Accommodation will be arranged as close to the school as possible. The accommodation fee is not included in the tuition and must be paid separately.


Course Description

The course starts with a series of comprehensive lectures related to growth and development, with particular stress on the cephalometrical and histological aspects.

A series of theoretical and practical sessions dealing with all facets of diagnoses enables the participants to gather the proper orthodontic records. Special attention is drawn to the analysis of study casts and  occlusograms. The problem list oriented approach is followed to get a thorough formulation of the orthodontic treatment goals.

During the second week the theoretical background for the use of biomechanics in clinical orthodontics is provided. Wire bending is introduced in the practical sessions. The typodont courses are based on the application of individualized biomechanical force systems to solve specific clinical problems, and include the use of lingual orthodontics.

Special attention is given to the role of various types of functional appliances in clinical orthodontics  in combination with or without extraoral appliances. Diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and the role of orthodontics in the treatment are discussed.

In the last part of the course lectures on early treatment, adult treatment (including the use of implants as anchorage) and interdisciplinary treatment are given. The solution of special orthodontic problems are demonstrated in patients treated at the Department of Orthodontics. The treatment of patients affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis and cleft lip palate are discussed and shown on some patients in the clinic.


Contact Information

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