Forskning på Ortodonti

General Research


The general research profile of the Department of Orthodontics can be summarized under the headings:

  • Tissue Reaction to Bio-Mechanical Stimulus Under Normal and Pathological Conditions
  • Mechanics of Orthodontic Wires
  • Healing of Bone Defects Under Various Conditions
  • Study of the Pathogenesis of the Condylar Reaction to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Effect of Treatment Aiming at the Distraction of the Condyle

Tissue Reaction to Bio-Mechanical Stimulus Under Normal and Pathological Conditions
This research field covers the biological aspects of the application of known force systems both in-vivo and in-vitro. The in-vivo models include human clinical studies and animal experiments, in which implants and teeth are loaded in monkeys and rats. Furthermore, a rat model is developed for the study of tissue reaction to loading under pathological conditions with known metabolic diseases.
On tissue level, in-vitro studies are performed with the use of a special appliance for the generation of uniform strain on cultures of periodontal ligament cells as well as osteoblast-like cells. In addition, finite element analyses are used to simulate the experiments to assess stress and strains in the various tissues. The ultimate aim is to be able to make computer simulations of the entire process of orthodontic tooth movement.

Mechanics of Orthodontic Wires
Under this profile both the development of well defined force systems and their biological reaction are studied. A biomechanical laboratory, equipped with a force identification system and a material testing machine, is available. The delivery of force systems from both existing and new designs of orthodontic appliances are mechanically assessed, and, in case of the latter, pre-clinically tested. The effect of friction between wire and bracket can also be evaluated.

Healing of bone defects under various conditions
In relation to this problem a standardized rat model comprising critical size defect of the calvaria is used. Various types of guided tissue regeneration have been studied and lately the influence of different types of growth hormones and growth factors on healing has been tested.

Study of the Pathogenesis of the Condylar Reaction to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Effect of Treatment Aiming at the Distraction of the Condyle
Based on the centralisation of the treatment of children suffering from Juvenile Arthritis, it was possible to develop a classification system in relation to which a prediction of the risk and severity could be performed. The treatment regimen is closely related to the state of the general disease and it has been shown that the well known affection of the growth of the craniofacial skeleton can be limited. The tissue reaction to the clinical therapy will be studied in a rabbit model, in which TMJ Arthritis has been experimentally generated.



Recent PhD Theses

Kofod, T : Intraoral unilateral mandibular distraction osteogenesis for correction of unilateral mandibular

hypoplasia  and asymmetry, 2005.

Küseler, A.: Aspects of involvement of the temporomandibular joint in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, 2004.

Cattaneo, PM.: Orthodontic aspects of bone mechanics and bone remodelling, 2003.

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Boldrup Nielsen, L.: Mechanical Stimulation of Osteogenic Cells in Culture, 1996.

Bosch, C.: Bone Regeneration in Calvarial Defects, 1996.



Recent MSc Theses

Serra, E. Influence of local anesthetic on the corticomotor response to tongue training, 2009.

Annousaki, O. The influence of two self-ligating systems on the incisor position, 2009.

Jørgensen, T.P. Mandibular condylar dimensions, 2008.

Aulack, R.S. The effect of in vitro mechanical loading on Cbfa1 gene expression in osteoblasts, 2007.

Botticelli, S. A comparison between 2D conventional and 3D volumetric imaging in case of unerupted maxillary canines, 2007.

Lemor, C. Bone and periodontal ligament studied on autopsy material from adult humans. A histomorphometric analysis, 2007.

Laursen, M.L. A three dimensional description of the human tooth alveolar bone complex, 2007.

Jonsdottir, S. Metabolic activity of human osteoblasts after mechanical loading in vitro, 2006.

Kjellerup, T. Patient satisfaction and occlusal outcome in orthodontically treated adults, 2006.

Mosby Nielsen D. Early versus late treatment of posterior crossbite in relation to TMD (Temporo Mandibular
Disorders) and asymmetry of the face in 16-17 year olds in Århus Kommune, 2006.

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Luzi, C. The AarhusAnchorage System ®. Histological and clinical evaluation, 2005.

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Garbo, D. Evaluation of masseter muscle volume and structure by magnetic resonance imaging in distraction osteogenesis of the human mandible, 2003.

Troiani, S. Influence of lower incisors proclination on the development of gingival recessions: a follow-up study, 2003.

Gudde, M. Development of recessions on the buccal gingiva of combined orthodontic-surgical patients, 2003.

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Pettas, A. Combi-pull headgear as anchorage in Class II extraction cases, 2000

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Kakkou, M. Tooth Mobility Pattern during Orthodontic Tooth Movement Assessed by the Periotest, 1996

Terzoudi, T. Long-Term Assessment of Psychological Outcome of Orthognathic Surgery, 1996

Menghi, C. 3-D Experimental Identification of Force Systems from Orthodontic Loops under Different Modes of Activation, 1995



Selection of Recent  Articles


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